Socialism vs Love & Sex

Personal love is a great evil - as everything personal. And it always lead to misery. Don't you see why? Personal love is an act of injustice - to every being on earth whom you rob of the affection arbitrarily granted to one. You must love all men equally. But you cannot achieve so noble an emotion if you don't kill your selfish little choices. They are vicious and futile - since they contradict the first cosmic law - the basic equality of all men.

You missed the beautiful pride of utter selfishness. Only when you learn to deny your ego, completely, only when you learn to be amused by such piddling sentimentalities as your little sex urges - only then will you achieve the greatness which I have always expected of you.

The point I wish to make is only that one must mistrust one's most personal impulses. What one desires is actually of so little importance.

Ayn Rand - The Fountainhead