How to cure grief and sorrow

Once upon a time I was touched by a grief, powerful on account of my complection and as justified as it was powerful. I might well have died from it if I had merely trusted to my own strength. I needed a mind-departing distraction to divert it; so by art and effort I made myself fall in love, helped in that by my youth. Love comforted me and took me away from the illness brought on by that loving-friendship. The same applies everywhere: some painful ideea gets hold of me ; I find it quicker to change it than to subdue it. If I cannot substitute an opposite one for it, I can at least find a different one. Change always solace it, dissolves it and dispels it. If I cannot fight it, I flee it ; and by my flight I made a diversion and use craft ; by changing place, occupation and company I escape from it into the crowd of other pastimes and cogitations, in which it loses all track of me and cannot find me.

Michel de Montaigne - Complete Essays, On diversion (III, 4)