Chilon’s advices

Watch your tongue, especially at a drinking party.
Do not speak ill of your neighbors; for if you do you will be spoken of in ways that give you pain.
Make no threats, for that is womanish.
Be quicker to visit friends in adversity than in prosperity.
Make a thrifty marriage.
Do not speak ill of the dead.
Honor old age.
Take thought for your safety.
Prefer a loss to an ill-gotten gain; the one will only grieve you once, the other forever.
Do not laugh at another’s misfortune.
When strong be gentle, that you may be respected, rather than feared, by your neighbors.
Learn how to manage your own house well.
Do not let your tongue outrun your thought.
Control your temper.
Do not despise divination.
Do not desire impossibilities.
Do not hurry on the road.
When speaking, do not gesticulate; for that is a sign of madness.
Obey the laws.
Remain calm.

Diogenes Laertius - Lives of the eminent philosophers